I suggest that you leave this page open and open the other pages in a new tab or window.

To view the Resource (Link) list, simply click on the Resource List link.

If you’d like to add a link or resource, you must first register, aka create a user name and profile.

Once you’ve created a user name and profile, all you need do is login.

Once you login, you’ll be directed to your Dashboard. You can edit your profile info, etc. Click on the Add Link box immediately to the right of the word Dashboard in the menu.

It will default to a Free listing so nothing to do there. On the next line, choose the most appropriate category for the link. It will automatically choose the appropriate list based on your category choice.

Paste the complete link, including the http… information. Click on the blue button that says Generate. The system will try to locate the name of the link. If it can’t, you must fill-in that blank yourself; you won’t be able to submit the link without a title. The system finds the name of link about 98% of the time, so you shouldn’t have anything to do there.

Then, go to the bottom of the page and click the orange SUBMIT button. That’s it! Your link has been added to the Resource List.